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All in all it was a classic hooker look and it made my mother look just like the fuckable little slut that she was.There was a ring at the door and she went to answer it, leaving me for a moment to simply contemplate the thought of her in her slutty clothes. I cannot imagine worse sights than an unattractive older woman in 12-inch heels and wild hair, makeup, and clothes -- Although Phyliis Diller made a living at it! So for a couple of months I fucked that young sexy woman Mellica. So I used to come during the lunch time and fucked her. She looked up as I came into the room and gave me a slightly tired little smile and patted a spot on the bed beside her."Come and sit by me, honey," she said sweetly, "I"ve got a little bedtime story for you."Doing just as she said, I walked in and sat down beside her on the bed, her hand found mine and started to stroke it gently. This close I could inhale her sweet scent intermingled with the musky odour of her recent lover. She turned to look at me and gave me another little grin."Let me tell you, honey, this guy wasn"t wasting any time at all and didn"t exactly stand on pleasantries.  
Pushing my lips to her left thigh, I began to lick her soft flesh, lapping up the drying, salty cum her lover had left on her."Oh, oh, yeah, that"s it, honey," my mother sighed, "Lick mummy clean."I moved over to the other thigh, delighting in getting all the sticky juices from her smooth thighs. I don"t know when this had happened but somewhere along the line I had started delighting in eating the cum my mother"s lovers deposited in and on her, not only did it give me a sense of being part of her being used and abased by these men but also I had grown to love the warm salty taste of it. And there was more, right now, in her beautiful pussy."Oh, aaah, you"re such a good son, honey," my mum purred, "Your mum"s been fucked so hard and her pussy"s all full of tasty cum. Please, eat me and clean out my dirty cunt!"I couldn"t refuse an offer like that, especially coming from the woman that raised me. I pushed her legs further apart and buried my face between them. She held the back of my head and pushed me further into her. I inhaled the scent of her pussy and the odour of the man who had taken her less than half an hour earlier. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and began to run it over and around it, lovingly lapping the delicious cream pie left inside my mother by her mystery lover, delighting in the taste of his juices mixing with hers, which were flowing even more freely with my oral attentions."Aa aaah aaaaahhh, oh my God, that"s sooo good," my mother moaned as I stuck my tongue into her pussy in the desperate search for more tasty cum, "Oh yeah, eat me, lick that cum up from deep inside me. You love the taste of cum in your mother"s pussy, don"t you honey? God, you"re a kinky fucker, I don"t know which is dirtier, wanting to eat out your own mother or your desperate lust for the taste of men"s juices.  
So much so, however, that it made me really want to see what it was like, to really watch my slutty mother in action as she got fucked by a hunky guy. That"s all it had been at first, a confession, but it had become so much more that was shared between us now. Just take this one example of an average Friday night.I heard the front door slam shut from in my bedroom, that mean that the man that had been here had left, he"d been pretty quick, no nonsense and Nice naked tits I hadn"t even seen him as he came in and left. As soon as I heard that door slam shut, I hurried over to my mum"s bedroom to talk to her about this latest encounter. He was a big, strong, broad shouldered guy with perfect chiselled features, a real man"s man and once in the bedroom he certainly took control of the situation. As soon as I let my robe drop to the floor to reveal this little number I was wearing beneath, his hands were all over me. He pressed his hard manly body against mine, his hands cupping my arse and kissing all over my face and neck. Soon, his hands were all over my breasts, seeming to know just what touches I needed to get me really flustered and excited."As she said this a dreamy look in her eyes told me she was lost in the reverie as her own hand moved to grasp her D cups and fondle them through the thin soft satin."He pushed me down to my knees and pulled out his cock, it was long and thick, at least eight inches and already getting hard," she continued in a deep, sensual voice that was making my own cock twitch and become harder, "Well, you know how much your slutty mummy likes to wrap her lips around a big, thick cock, so I was only too eager to oblige when he told me to suck him, worshipping the end of his manhood with my lips and tongue as I stroked along his shaft, getting him even harder and me even wetter, so much so that I used my free hand to slide inside my panties and begin to finger my pussy. But he wasn"t satisfied with this and nice naked tits once more he took control.  
Lee said she’s getting upwards of 100 messages per hour but, due to Twitter policy — the site only lets users send 1,000 messages a day — she’s capped out at a certain financial amount. I took rest and went to the nursing home with Mellica along with the food, etc. After getting back we both got into the bed room. You"d have liked him, son, he"s the kind of guy that came bucketloads, it was leaking out of my cunt and running down my legs as he pulled out and put his pants back on and walked out, leaving me exhausted on the bed and feeling completely used."She certainly painted a hell of a picture, she must have known what the thought of her being violently used by a tough man was doing to me, my cock was really hard now, straining beneath my pants. One thing that"s for sure is that the memory was certainly making her feel pretty aroused once more."Oh, mmm, honey, just telling you about it is making me feel all hot and bothered once more, making me feel his hardness entering between my thighs," she gave a little laugh, "Look how wet your mum"s pussy is.  
Picking me up, he tossed me onto the bed and simply tore off my panties, pushing my negligee up around my waist to reveal my wet pussy, aching with desire."She sighed at the thought as she began to caress my hand with more affection and ran her other hand along her stockings and thigh. I noticed where her panties lay in a crumpled heap on the floor, a revealing, tiny black lace thong, I"d seen it before, her arse looked amazing in it but she looked even better with her bare, shaved pussy exposed."Mmm, oh, honey, it feels sooo good just thinking about him and his toned body and long, hard member," my mother sighed again, "He pushed my legs wide open and lay on the bed between them. Running his hand along my satin covered waist and chest, he began to push his cock into my eagerly waiting pussy. He didn"t hold back either, holding me down to the bed and completely dominating the pace. And Nice naked tits that was just fine with me, I was already feeling a heat and excitement down below just at the thought of it. I had thought about you?



Nice naked tits
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